Master G.O.O.D Kit (Get Out Of Dodge )
Family Emergency Kit

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Master G.O.O.D Kit (Get Out Of Dodge )

Info: Master G.O.O.D Kit (Get Out Of Dodge )

What if you and your family have to leave home in a hurry? This package is the best way to ensure you have the right gear if you have to move out on your own if situations gets too bad to stay home. We also have suplamental kits so you can add only the essential supplies for each additional person in your group.

The Master G.O.O.D Kit (Get Out Of Dodge ) is vital in the event of an emergency where staying in your home is no longer safe. The bag prepares you and your family with the tools and items necessary to survive in the wilderness.

It includes items for water purification and storage, protection against the elements, fire starting tools, cookware, and a solar radio.

This fully-assembled bag ensures that you possess a convenient and complete set of survival items which would prepare you for immediate evacuation from a potentially dangerous environment in your home.

Without a full kit like this, survival in the elements may be extremely dangerous.

The Complete Home Bug-Out Bag contains the following items:

Hiking Backpack 54-Piece First Aid Kit
Poncho 12-Hour Light Stick
Emergency Blanket N95 Mask
Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets Swiss Army-Style Knife
Flint 5-in-1 Survival Tool
Solar/Crank Radio Heavy-Duty Work Gloves
Collapsible Cups Mirror
50' Nylon Rope Deck of Playing Cards
Waterproof Matches 14-in-1 Tool
Basic Survival Knife Chemical Goggles
Emergency Slow-Burning Candles 6-in-1 Survival Tool
Pocket Guide to Outdoor Survival Hand Saw
Sleeping Bag Tent
Fleece Blanket Cook Set
Camp Stove Canteen with Belt

• 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Ration Bar

• Emergency Drinking Water 6 Pouches and Bag

PLEASE NOTE: Supplemental kits are available to add the essential items for each additional person in your group.

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