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DIY Poster Maker Projects
DIY School Projects with the Educational Poster Maker

See why everyone is raving about the CBS Poster Maker!


-Create your Anti-Bully Posters, Nutritional Posters and your every day "Do not run...Walk" Poster

-Never risk a print job messing up with our multi-function roll system
-Set your media settings up your way!

Purchasing Agents:
-Only requires 5 inks to operate
-CBS Exclusive paper (24 inch to 36 inch)~ Matte Paper, Glossy Paper and much more
-24/7 Customer Care- resolve issues ASAP without a service call

-User-friendly printer head replacement (no service call needed)


Accounting manager software built in: Know what you are using in ink and paper with every job. With a few jobs you do for different activities the machine pays for itself.

Exclusive Poster Makers

E-Complete offers several different wide-format printers!
Canon Image 2 We have two 24-inch wide format printers!
Starting under $1,000

We have two 36-inch wide format printers!
Starting under $3,200

We offer Canon and Epson!
The best two names money can buy!

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Ask about funding options.
Exclusive school packages!

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Get your machine, paper and ink from
E-Complete with the best service and prices!

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What we have to offer you!
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  • We have a one of a kind 24" and 36" Poster Maker
  • We have phenomenal promotions available to you!
    • School Partner Program
    • Buy a Poster Maker and get a Free Die Cut Machine
    • School Pricing starts as low as $2,500.00
What you can do with machines!
  • Stop spending extra money to a company to print your posters
  • Store up to 30 projects to the built-in hard drive for later use.
  • Use the fundraising software to pay for your machine
  • You can print remarkable projects in just minutes
    • Outdoor Banners up to 36" Wide!
    • Indoor posters that are vibrant and glossy!
    • Create Canvas wraps for the holidays!
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What is stopping you?
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  • With just 5 inks to utilize the machines supplies are affordable
  • Wifi included
  • Fundraising Software included
  • Hundreds of easy templates to help create your glamourous poster, banner, flyer and much more!
    • We have funding options available
    • We accept purchase orders as well
Get Exclusive with E-Complete!


WATCH ME! Video on the amazing Canon Wide-Formats imagePROGRAPH Pro Series!

WATCH ME! Video on how easy it is to use the Canon Poster Makers!

24 inch poster maker is identical just a different size option.
Basic Info on the 36" Poster Maker- CODE: C36D (Optional Scanner)
Printer Type 5-Color 36-inch Printer
Number of Nozzles Total: 15,360
MBK: 5,120 nozzles
C, M, Y, BK: 2,560 nozzles each
Nozzle Pitch 1,200 dpi
Non-firing nozzle detection and compensation
OS Compatibility Windows® 7, 8.1, 10 (32/64bit)® Server 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 (64bit)
Macintosh OS X v10.10.5-v10.12x
Standard Interfaces USB 2.0 High-Speed
10/100/1000 Base-T/TX
Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
Direct USB Thumb Drive Printing
Ink Droplet Size 5 picoliter
Ink Capacity 130 ml or 300ml per color
Ink Droplet Size Pigment Ink
Color Set Pigment: Matte Black, Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow
Buffer Ram 128 GG (2 GB Physical)
Media Width Cut Sheet: 8"- 36" (203.2mm - 914mm)
Roll Feed: 8" - 36" (203.2mm - 914mm)
Media Thickness 0.07-0.8mm (2.8-31.4mil)
Maximum Roll Print Length Roll Feed: 59' (18 meters)
Maximum Media Roll Diameter 5.9" (150mm)
Borderless Printing Width 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20, 24, 36 B4 (10.12/257 mm), A3 (11.69/297 mm), A3+ (12.95/329 mm), A2 (16.54/420 mm), B2 (20.28/515 mm), A1 (23.39/594 mm), B1 (28.66/ 728 mm), A0 (33.11/841 mm)
Paper Feed Method Roll Feed: One Roll, Top-loading, Front output
Cut Sheet: Top Loading, Front Output
Languages SGRaster, HPGL/2, HP-RTL, JPEG
Noise Level Approx Operation: 44 dB (A)
Standby: 35 dB (A) or less
Acoustic Power: Approx. 6.0 Bels
Physical Dimensions 42" (H) x 51" (W) x 35" (D)
Weight Approximately 134 lb. (roll holder included, no inks, no print heads)
Power Source AC-100-240V (50-60Hz)
Power Consumption Maximum: 69W or less
Standby 3.6W or less
Power Off: 0.3W or less (Compliant with Executive Order)
Operating Environment Temperature: 59°-86° F (15°-30° C)
Relative Humidity: 10-80% (No Condensation)
User-replaceable items Print Head (PF-06)
Maintenance Cartridge (MC-31)
Ink Tanks (PFI-120/PFI-320)
Cutter Blade (CT-08)
Software Included TM Unified Printer Driver, Accounting Manager, Apple AirPrint, Canon Print Service, Device Management Console, Direct Print & Share, Free Layout Tool, Free Layout Plus, imagePROGRAF Printer Driver for Windows®/Mac®, Media Configuration Tool, PosterArtist Lite for Windows, Optimized Driver for AutoCAD, Canon PRINT Inkjet Selphy, Easy Photo Print Editor

Features On the Optional Scanner (36 inch machine)

Scan-to-Copy/File/Share/Cloud Solution

The TM-305 MFP T36 Scan-To-Copy/File/Share system is designed to provide fast, high-quality, large format image capture-to-output. More than just the sum of its parts, it is the versatility of the product that helps make it stand out. This multi-component system gives the user the opportunity to be more productive by being able to print and scan at the same time. The open architecture of the computer can be used to load additional programs, among other things. The printer’s ability to print on a wide variety of media lends itself to uses in many departments and applications as well.

The imagePROGRAF TM-305 MFP T36 includes:

  • TM-305 36-inch Printer with direct USB drive printing
  • T36 Scanner
  • 15.6" All-In-One touchscreen computer
  • Computer Stand
  • Flat Stacking Basket

All-in-One Design

The new compact design of the imagePROGRAF TM-305 MFP T36 large format printer includes the T36 scanner that attaches to the top of the printer and a 15.6" touchscreen computer that attaches directly to the printer stand. The touchscreen monitor makes it easier for the user to preview documents for editing and mark-up. This simple-to-use touchscreen makes one-button scanning/copying easier than ever, and the embedded USB port provides the user with ease and convenience. The system allows the scanner and printer to work independently of each other which can help increase productivity.

T36 Scanner

The T36 scanner incorporates a SingleSensor Technology Assembly, which helps provide consistent and better color accuracy with more detail in the shadows and highlights than a staggered CIS array scanner.


  • 1200 dpi maximum optical resolution, 9600 dpi maximum resolution
  • Image scanning of up to 36” wide, fits documents up to 38” wide
  • Scanning speed of up to 13” per second monochrome, and up to 6” per second color
  • USB 3.0 interface, 75 Mbytes / sec transfer rate
  • Scan a document up to 2.0 mm thick
  • Face up / Front load / Rear exit
  • Straight paper path

SmartWorks MFP Software

SmartWorks MFP software gives you the tools you need to quickly and easily scan to print/file/share large format technical documents. With a simple to use interface and scan-it-once ability, this software allows for efficient batch scanning and helps create quality scanned images that can be produced in a short amount of time. You can scan to PDF, TIFF and JPEG file formats. SmartWorks MFP software is more efficient than ever before.


  • Scan-to-Multipage PDF
  • Scan lengths of up to 315” (26 ft) for PDF and JPEG files, and up to 598” (50 ft) for TIFF files
  • Ability to add custom presets with one-touch retrieval for those often-used settings
  • Image enhancements for white point adjust, black point adjust, sharpen, mirror, and invert
  • Fine detail scan feature
  • Enhanced administrator rights
  • Full integration with Canon Direct Print & Share cloud software

All-in-One 15.6" Touchcreen Computer

A computer is included with the MFP T36 system:

  • Additional programs can be added to the computer
  • Files can be moved via a USB storage device
  • Files can be shared over a network via the Ethernet card

LUCIA TD Pigment Ink Set

The TM-305 device features a 5-color TD pigment ink set. This ink was formulated to produce fine lines and sharp text on both inkjet and non-inkjet paper. Combine this pigment ink with water resistant media and you have a printed drawing that can withstand many outdoor conditions, especially outdoor job sites such as construction sites. Available in 130 ml or 300 ml ink tanks. 490 ml of ink ships standard with the TM-305.

Fast Printing

With faster printing of multipage files, the TM Series can print up to 144 D sized prints per hour!

Flat-Stacking Basket

The flatbed stacker/basket provides the capability to neatly stack up to twenty Arch D plain paper prints.

Direct USB Thumb Drive Printing

JPEG and PDF files can be directly printed from the TM-305. Simply load your files onto your USB drive, step right up to the printer and plug your USB drive into the port.

Wi-Fi Compatible

Printing jobs quickly is critical on the work site and in the office. The Wi-Fi connectivity can transfer technical drawing files and help speed up your workflow- perfect for high-volume printing. No Wi-Fi router is needed, which can provide greater freedom during installation.

500GB Hard Drive

Printing jobs quickly is critical on the work site and in the office. The Wi-Fi connectivity can transfer technical drawing files and help speed up your workflow- perfect for high-volume printing. No Wi-Fi router is needed, which can provide greater freedom during installation.

Security Feature

The TM Series large-format printers come equipped with several security features designed to help prevent leaks of confidential information:

Secure Communication

  • 802.1x Authentication
  • SNMPv3
  • IPSec

Functionality Restrictions

  • Panel Lock by Remote UI
  • Remote UI Multilevel
  • Hide IP From Panel
  • Panel Access Control
  • Job Storage and PIN Printing

Secure Storage

  • Secure Disc Erase (Conforms to U.S. Department of Defense standard DoD5220.22-M)

The following functions can be disabled in administrator mode:

  • Internet Connection
  • FTP and Telnet communication protocols
  • Job Log Look-up

Operation Panel

The TM-305 features a 3" color touchscreen operation panel making it easy to view printer information as well as perform simple operations.

Print Head PF-06

The 6-channel PF-06 Print Head is engineered to work with the printer's high-speed carriage and high-frequency ink ejection to help facilitate fast printing. This printer boasts Canon's print-head technology that lays down ink with outstanding speed and accuracy. The PF-06 print head incorporates a nozzle orifice shape to help minimize mist spray, producing clean lines and text. The high-precision, high-density print head, with a total of 15,360 nozzles, lays down 5 picoliter-size ink droplets that help produce sharp detail and excellent image quality. The result is consistently accurate 2400 x 1200 dpi output (max.) with fine lines that are accurate to ±0.10% and as thin as 0.02mm.

Sub Ink Tank Syatem

The Sub-Ink Tank System allows virtually all of the available ink in a tank to be used before having to replace it, helping to eliminate wasted ink. The empty tanks can also be replaced on-the-fly without stopping the printer. This is extremely useful during your long print jobs.

L-COA Processor

Canon's advanced print head technology achieves speeds up to 144 D sized prints per hour on uncoated media. Powering these incredible print speeds is Canon's L-COA processor, which controls the optimal ink layout helping to ensure high resolution output.

Extended Black Friday- 50% Off Poster Maker
logo complete
Becca McGreevy
Direct: 775-386-7118
877-434-3288 X 343
Expires December 10th, 2019
Save Up To $2,000
24" Poster Maker
Steam Canon Image

Payments accepted: Check by mail, purchase orders and debit/credit card. Offer not valid in all states. Email Becca for your free quote. Payments MUST be received by December 10th, 2019. Machine is a 24in poster
maker. Click Shop Now to be taken to a direct informational page.
MSRP: $3,495.00
Black Friday: $2,495

See Below:

Perks Of The Canon 24D Wide Format Poster Maker:

Built in hard-drive: This function is phenomenal since it gives you the ability to store projects to the printer for others to access.

30 Folders to store projects on: Utilize the folders on your machine. With those every day posters ex: Anti-Bullying posters, Nutritional Posters or your all around Do Not Run Walk poster… Never be bothered again to re-print. Store them and go!

24/7 Customer Care: Customer care team is amazing! They will work with you one on one to make sure any trouble you may be having gets resolved ASAP. Machines are super user friendly and 99% of issues can be resolved by the user.

Printer Head Replacement- User Friendly (No Service Needed): Other wide-format printers require a very expensive service call to replace your print head. Typically a print head is replaced every few years. But that is a service bill you DO NOT pay with our 24” machine.

Multi-Function Paper Roll System: Never risk a job messing up because you DO NOT have enough paper. The multi-function roll system will swap out paper and keep your jobs in print!

Accounting Manager-Built into software: Know what you are using in ink and paper with every job. PTA could use this feature to fundraise. With a few jobs you do for different activities the machine pays for itself.

Custom Media Settings: Set the machine up any way you would like. The different options are endless with these machines.

Ink goes vertical- use every drop: Unlike most printers our ink goes vertical so you utilize every drop. Other machines go horizontal so you will never use the ink at bottom of cartridge.

Print flyers up to 24" Posters: Print your 8X10 glamourous sheets of paper for your principal meetings or your 24” banners. Options and templates provided let you have fun and save time & money.

Print on Matte, Glossy Paper, Canvas, Vinyl and more!

Never go without your water-proof banners again!

School Poster Printer

36-inch Poster/Banner Printer

ONLY $1995

  • Only 5 ink cartridges
  • 2 GB RAM Storage
  • Super Easy to Use
  • Can be used for Fundraising
  • Prints on Paper, Vinyl and Canvas

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