E-Complete Customer Service Testimonials

Since 1983, the CBS E-Complete team has offered superior customer service. Here are a few unsolicited testimonials from actual customers:


"Donna I really appreciated your quick and helpful response! This is the first time I've ever ordered from your company, but if this is an example of the customer service that you offer, I will definitely be a repeat buyer. Thank you so much!" S.G.

"I must say, this is one of the nicest and most helpful companies I've worked with! Thank you so much for your assistance and informing us of the status of the order. Enjoy your weekend!" P.R.

"Thank you for the email...I am glad you have my return and I that you will be shipping my circles today, along with my other back order. I want to thank you for your professionalism and let you know that I have had a very successful experience with customer service with your company. You folks were on top of all my questions and assisted me in getting my machine up to par to do all that is can do. I will for sure keep you in mind for the Xyron products in the future and refills. I enjoy giving my business to businesses such as yours who really is there for the consumer. You can let your supervisor know that you have done a great job!! Thank you for keeping in contact and letting me know when merchandise has arrived and is coming. Have a wonderful day." C.C.

"I am very satisfied with the service I received as well as the concern that I that I was getting the correct dies for my machine. Thank you" G.B.

"Thank you so much for your help. The ladies that helped me on the phone answered all my questions and were very helpful. The product arrived here in only a few days. It was easy to replaced the parts, now everything works great. THANKS AGAIN." S.N.

"It has been so wonderful working with you. I really appreciate all you have done to help out. I will be sure to spread a good word for your company name!" J.R.

"I'm writing to let you know that your customer service is among the best customer service that I've experienced. I'm thrilled that I purchased our Ellison Machine through E-Complete. Each and every telephone interaction with your staff, from initial purchase to troubleshooting use of the machine, has been professional, personable, genuinely kind, and incredibly helpful! I'm sincere in my exuberance, so much so I've recommended E-Complete to the director of another member library in my library system. Thank you and I look forward to a continued relationship as I develop our Ellison Machine resources. " S.L.

"I recently received a survey from your company and I thought I would let you know how helpful Karen was when I was placing my order. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and went above and beyond getting my question answered from Ellison before I place my order. I would definitely use your company again for future orders because of Karen." J.P.

"Thanks so much for your help! Your keen eye kept me from having to do a return. Thanks for your great customer service." K.T.

"It did help! Tessa thank you so very much for your patience. I will let everyone know how great your service is.!!!" A.Z.

"Your telephone support staff is awesome!" R.H.

"The service we received has been great! I had a question before I placed the order. Tessa was very helpful and courteous. Our shipment arrived on time and the staff is delighted with the products." V.P.

"I love ordering from E-Complete - such great service and wonderful people!" J.O.

"It is Friday and we are ready for a weekend, but I did not want to leave without thanking you for your help with our order, the return and the very generous and uncomplicated handling of the balance. You have been marvelous to work with and we will not hesitate to recommend your company and will certainly order more in the future. Very rarely do we get the customer service you and co-workers have provided us with and we really appreciate that!" B.K.

"Hello! I want to thank you for the help I was offered by "Karen" in your office. I didn't know what I was doing when ordering and she talked me through it. She explained to me everything I needed to know about your product and when it arrived it was perfect! You are very lucky to have such a wonderful person working for you!" P.P.

<"Excellent and quick service. Thank you!" M.N.

"As a Purchasing Technician for our University, I was reluctant to contact your company. My experience in working with on-line businesses and trying to use a purchase order instead of a credit card has not been good. Usually I can't even speak with a live person. After checking with local suppliers, I contacted Xyron, they told me they did not sell this refill, but referred me to the ecomplete web site. I found the product that was needed as well as a phone number. (Many on-line companies don't provide phone numbers) My call was answered right away by Crissy. I was so impressed with her knowledge. She was familiar with purchase orders and agreed to accept one from our school. She helped me calculate the cost of the item, and even provided a discount. She had W-9 from and immediately emailed it to me. If all of your telephone staff are as competent and pleasant as Crissy, your company will be a huge success. I look forward to future business with ecomplete. Thanks for this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am." L.K.

"We ordered the XL Storage Unit and Door Hanger Die Cut for use at our High School in Toledo, Ohio. The ordering, shipping, and delivery processes were very efficient. The items were received in a very timely manner and put to use immediately upon receipt. Thanks for a great shopping experience!" D.Y. (Principal)

"Thanks so much for your help! You have renewed my faith in customer service." L.C.

"Thank you very much for the notification! You shipped SO quickly I look forward to receiving the two items! " C.Y.

"Thank you! :-) Hi Crissy! Your company is very blessed to have you as their voice to the world. You are just precious. Too bad we live so far apart...I can tell that we would be great friends! God bless you BIG time, Crissy!" S.S.

"I want to give the customer service rep., the highest mark available in regard to her manners and product knowledge!" M.W.

"Thank you! :-) I appreciate your promptness, the expedited shipping and the coupon. Love the customer service response. " S.P.

"Excellent service!" S.Z.

"We ordered the cutting pads for our Prestige Pro. We received them in ample time and are very satisfied with our service. Thanks!!." M.S.M.

"Thank you so much!!! Excellent customer service!! You guys are great!" T.M.

"Karen has been terrific! We had some issues with our order and Karen took care of me quickly and painlessly. I wanted to make sure everyone knew how much it was appreciated." M.M.

"Hi Crissy. I just wanted to let you know that I received the handwriting and wedding fonts yesterday! Thanks so much for making everything right. I will definitely order from your company again in the future!" N.S.

"I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for getting us our supplies so quickly, one of the best decisions I have made here was to drop our old vendor and start working with you for our materials. You have kept us stocked the entire time we have been working together, and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Thanks again!" A.P.

"I recently ordered a die-cut from y'all. I had exceptional service! There was a problem with my payment, and I received a phone call from a lady who left a message on my machine. When I returned the call, she's the one who answered the phone! The lady who called was so polite and helpful. She called one more time when the package arrived, and we got everything worked out. Overall, it was a great experience doing business with y'all! Thanks!" C.H.

"It is truly a pleasure working with you." R.M.

"I ordered the cart for my 89 year old mother for her shopping. She is unable to carry her groceries from the car to her apartment. She had purchased a similar cart last year and was pleased when I found your cart on-line and ordered it. The first cart I ordered from you lasted for one outing when the wheel broke. My Mom called and you very nicely replaced it to her delight. The second cart has arrived and she is using it. We are pleased with the light weight construction as it is easy for her to handle. Thank you to the customer rep. who handle the call my mother made asking for help on the first cart.
Sincerely, C. M."

"Yes, good product, good service, product was delivered earlier than anticipated. Thank you very much!" M.L.

"Hey the lid fit perfectly ! my wife and I want to thank you guys for helping us out. We love your product and thanks a lot." R.V.

"Hi Mike, Thank you SO much. I really appreciate that you did this exchange so gracefully and nicely. I felt like an idiot when I went to replace the cartridge and realized that I had ordered the wrong one...new printer. I will send the wrong ink right back. Thanks again. Great customer relations makes for repeat business. I will be back for more!" B.A.

"Karen, First I must say thank you all once again for fixing my problem. I did receive the "Big Shot Pro" and I love making cards with it. You have made my new hobby of making cards a reality! Many Thanks & and a very happy customer" S.M.

"Yippee. Thanks so much. I would give you a gold star, if I was ordering this in person with you." E.B. (ordered via email)

"Thank you so much. Your company provides excellent customer service!" C.B.

"I was very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you for making my day. I had a hard time finding the cartridges." C.H.

"Thank you for your prompt response Mike. I will hang on to the cart and I wanted to let you also know that my one boss absolutely loves the cart. Our office is in a building far from the main part of campus and we are always having to lug computers, projectors, and folders for meetings and presentations across campus. CBS's carts are wonderful! She has used it these past two days and keeps telling me how wonderful I am for thinking of it. So I, in turn, thank you and your company for making such a wonderful product." D.D.

"Received items in excellent condition and much faster than I had expected. Thanks again." S.H.

"Thank you for promptly replacing the damaged order. Your courtesy and trustworthiness are appreciated." M.J.

"Thank you so much for understanding my situation. I will definitely be coming back to order thru you in the future." J.T.

"Tessa, Just wanted to update you on this order. I had been working with you to get a replacement for the damaged roll of adhesive I received...I know you are busy with many orders, and they must all be a blur to you, but I wanted to follow up by letting you know that I have received the replacement and, hopefully, this one will be fine. I also wanted to thank you for such great customer service. You have been very helpful in seeing that the damaged product would be sent out, and have answered any inquiries I may have had. I would also like to thank Mike, who was also helpful when you were out. (I don't have anymore info on who he is, but thought you might. Please thank him for his assistance, also.) Thanks again. Your great service ensures that (withheld) will continue to do business with CBS/ E-Complete." B.T.

"Wow! That was fast! Received the cart on Saturday afternoon. (withheld) loved it. Ya know, I've given her jewelry, clothes, etc....but, she loved this gift the best! She's a practical gal...and thought the design and colors, and size were perfect! We even carried it out to the trunk of her little Honda Civic as she wanted to see if she could slip the basket in without folding it up....sure enough....slipped right into her trunk...a perfect fit. Such a pleasure doing business with you! And the packing was superb! (Name withheld) thinks everyone in the class at college will be jealous of her when they see her cart. She said, 'I'm going to put my name with big letters on it...to make sure no one takes it.' (Name withheld) thinks that people will start calling the phone number that is on her cart to order them once all the students in the art class see it! Mahalo!" T.A.

"Thank you for your prompt reply-I received my order tonight and am very happy with it." E.P.

"Thank you so much for the information. You are great to do business with!" B.S.

"Hi MIKE, Thanks so much for the quick response !! Your customer service is second to none!" S.N.

"Your work and your way of doing business are commendable. I knew from the moment were communicated that you were the person to work with. I can't say enough..." E.W.

"Thank you for the good customer service. Our package was received this morning. I look forward to doing business with you in the future." M.D.

"I appreciate the quickness in which you made up my order and sent it to me. You have helped me a great deal with your helpfulness and the great deals you have given me. It is a pleasure to do business with your company." B.P.