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Duplo Duplicators

Duplo digital duplicators combine the convenience and simplicity of a copier with the economy and versatility of offset printing. Our machines offer a wide range of features and options and are ideal for the medium- to high-volume printing found in schools.

Duplo duplicators are a great way to save money on printing costs. Duplos can save an average school district over $100,000 a year!

Duplo duplicators and accessories:

  • Will save you money!
  • Are attractively priced! CBS is the #1 dealer of Duplo duplicators in the USA so we can offer excellent pricing to you!
  • Are easy to use
  • Are reliable and durable
  • Are environmentally friendly!

Have any questions? Our courteous staff will be happy to answer all of them! Call or e-mail us: 1-888-GO DUPLO (1-888-463-8756) or [email protected].

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Duplo DP-X850 Digital Duplicator Duplo DP-X510 Digital Duplicator Duplo DP-G310 Digital Duplicator
Duplo DP-X850 Digital Duplicator
Please call for a free demo and pricing info.
Duplo DP-X510 Digital Duplicator
Please call for a free demo and pricing info.
Duplo DP-G310 Digital Duplicator
Please call for a free demo and pricing info.
Duplo DP-A120 Digital Duplicator Duplo Job Separator Kit Duplo Automatic Document Feeder Kit
Duplo DP-A120 Digital Duplicator
Please call for a free demo and pricing info.
Duplo Job Separator Kit
Please call for a free demo and pricing info.
Duplo Automatic Document Feeder Kit
Please call for a free demo and pricing info.
Duplo Color Cylinders
Duplo Color Cylinders
Please call for a free demo and pricing info.

Why buy a Duplo Duplicator from CBS?

Take the appearance and user friendliness of a photocopier, combine this with the speed and print technology of a printing press and the end result is a Duplo digital duplicator.

Duplo Digital Duplicator Technology

Duplicator Process

A thermal head makes micro sized holes on a master according to the image data of the original document. The original can either be a hard copy original which is placed on the scanner or a file sent from a computer. Once a master is made, it is wrapped around a drum cylinder, and ink is applied from inside the drum. As each sheet of paper is fed, a roller below the drum cylinder presses the sheet onto the drum and transfers the image onto the sheet using ink.

Digital Copier

Copier Process
Toner is attached on photoreceptor according to the image data taken from scanner. Heat and pressure is applied to fix the transferred toner on paper.

Duplo digital duplicators make a master from a document and then apply ink through the master onto paper, to reproduce the document in high volume. Although Duplo digital duplicators look very similar to Digital copiers, the mechanism is much more similar to that of a printing press. Once a Duplo digital duplicators has made a master, print jobs can be turned around in a fraction of the time it would take on a digital copier and with a much lower energy consumption than Digital Copiers as they do not use thermal transfer.

Benefits at a glance

Low Cost: Duplo digital duplicators are economical when printing copy runs between dozens to thousands. Provided that the run-length is suitable, a Duplo will save the user money on a cost-per-copy basis. The purchase price of the Duplo is also cheaper than most high-speed copiers and just about every offset printing press.

Fast Print Speed: 130ppm (not applicable on some models) is comfortably faster than any digital copier in a similar price bracket.

Wide Variety of Paper: Such as card stock, newsprint, construction paper, tag, envelopes and even file folders.

Simple Operation: The angle of control panel, key layout, levers and doors on the Duplo digital duplicator are all designed based on thorough ergonomic studies so everybody in the organization can use them easily. No special training is required.

Low Maintenance: The machines are typically good for 5,000,000 prints and require very little maintenance (mainly because of the simple print mechanism), making them cheap to maintain.

Print Direct From a PC/Mac: Printing direct from PC or Mac helps simple operation and sharp prints (optional interface kit is required on some models). In addition, the Duplo Network Server enables the unit to go onto a Local Area Network.

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