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Plastic Folding Carts with Wheels

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Plastic Folding Carts are incredibly helpful for everyone!

  • Carts will assist a teacher with their heavy loads while going to and from class or to the car.
  • These carts are perfect for a child to use as a large backpack or a toy box.
  • Helpful for someone that needs assistance in the grocery store.
  • Carts are extremely helpful when used to haul laundry from point A to point B!

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Large Folding Cart - Black Large Folding Cart - Blue/Grey Large Plastic Folding Cart Lid
Plastic Folding Cart Black Large
Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $27.99
You save $12.00!
Plastic Folding Cart Large Royal Blue/Gray
Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $27.99
You save $12.00!
Large Cart Lids
Usually Ships in 24 to 72 Hours
Our Price: $9.00
Sale Price: $6.49
You save $2.51!
Rolling carts have many benefits and make traveling and carrying small items much easier! Rolling carts are fun and exciting because they come in a variety of sizes and colors. These products are also known by other names such as folding carts and collapsible carts. They can be fun to experiment with because they are like book covers; you can change your lid color to match your mood for the day.

There are many choices when picking the perfect rolling cart for you. Whether you need to haul books to the library, carry work-related items, or just travel with something that is just too heavy for you to carry, there is a perfect rolling cart out there for you.

Grocery shoppers love folding carts. They are great for buying groceries: put them in the collapsible cart, fold down the handle and put the cart directly in your car without having to wheel a bulky shopping cart back to the storefront. When buying heavier items such as juice, milk or meat, grocery bags may rip leaving you in the parking lot to pick up the items. Folding carts will prevent this from happening.

Folding carts can break down and fit into a small area for easy storage. These large rolling carts also come at a reasonable price. You are getting a rolling cart that breaks down with ease. Children can use it without back injury. There are also added bonuses. The handle provides comfort and the cup holder provides convenience. You should consider this product if you want to enjoy the pleasure of not having to deal with back pain.

Teachers love our Plastic Folding Carts with Wheels because they do all the carrying for you. No more carrying books, folders, paperwork or homework needed to be graded to your car. Let your awesome new folding cart with wheels do it for you. Plus when you're in the classroom you can fold it down to briefcase size to store it in a closet.