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SureCut Die Cuts

Ask about Educational and/or Government Discounts.

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When schools want high quality, ease of use and dependable die cuts, they look for Ellison. Ellison’s curriculum based designs perfectly pair with their shape-cutting machines. Ellison Educational Equipment, since 1977 has been the global leader in letter and shape cutting machines.
We carry the entire Ellison Educational product line including Die Cutting Machines, Die Cuts, Die Sets, Storage, and Accessories. If you do not see the die you want or need assistance to find a specific type of die please call us at 877-434-3288 or contact us at [email protected].

The highest quality die cuts available and you can save on these incredible dies everyday.

Whether you have Ellison die cuts in your classroom, workroom or home office they will serve you for years. Many of our schools have had them for over 30 years and they are still going strong. We have spoken to schools all over the U.S. that have walls full of die storage and storage carousels full of cutting dies. Die cutting in the classroom has become one of the most popular ways to cut shapes for the classroom. Ellison’s curriculum-based designs have made them the global leader of shape cutting. Something else we have noticed while talking to schoolteachers and administrators is the various ways people spell Ellison Die Cuts. Some of you spell it dye cuts, while others add a hyphen for die-cuts. Just remember any way you spell it, E Complete offers the best prices on Ellison Die Cutting Equipment, storage racks, and die cutting pads.

Ellison die cuts are both high quality and long lasting steel rule. They are also compatible with all Accucut machines. Ellison die cutting machines and their industrial steel rule dies are designed for the education, business and craft markets.