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Epson T-Series School Poster Printers

Epson Poster Printers created especially for schools!

Finally, a poster printer that can print beautiful quality posters and banners in full color on a low budget. The Epson School Poster Printer is as easy to use as the inkjet printer that sits on your desk. Most popular school size: 36-inch and 44-inch.

Epson Poster Printers use the latest printing technology. They offer the user the ability to print on all types of print media including vinyl, canvas and poster board.

It includes everything you need to get started.

Create your own custom posters and banners. Then print them on your Epson Poster Printer in full color. Your new Epson printer will allow you to use most Windows or Mac software you already have. You can print from Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Photoshop, PDF's, Illustrator and even most specialized design software you already own.

As a Special School Bonus, you'll get accounting software. This software allows you to track the cost of each print job. The software tells you the cost of the ink used, cost of the paper used and the total cost of each poster or banner. This will allow you to correctly bill each department for the cost of their poster or banner. You can even make your printer a profit center by adding a little to your cost.

One of our schools even printed football team pictures and sold them to the parents. Each poster cost them about $3.00 to print and then they sold them to the parents for $10.00. This is a great way to do a fundraiser for departments.

What can you print?
With your new Epson Poster Printer you can, of course, print posters, banners, signs, displays and even retractable banners.

What can you print on?
Your new Epson poster printer can print on regular sheet paper and roll paper. The most common paper for schools is the presentation matte. Plus you can also print on glossy paper, enhanced matte, and all kinds of photo paper. However my favorite paper is the vinyl and canvas papers. Canvas is a heavy more durable paper that last a long time. The vinyl paper is great for outdoor events. It can withstand minor winds and is water resistant.

What about my inks? Will they smudge or smeer when wet?
Epson's dedicated team of chemical engineers specially designed inks that are unique. They virtually dry instantly and are extremely smudge resistant, as well as water resistant.

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