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  • Deskside Shredders

    When you're looking for a small shredder for personal use, turn to Dahle's line of deskside shredders to protect your personal information and your privacy.
  • Small Office Shredders

    When you're looking for a small to medium sized shredder for personal use, turn to Dahle's line of small office shredders for quiet, efficient shredding.
  • Office Shredders

    Protecting your personal information is easy with Dahle's line of Office Shredders that feature sound-deafening wooden cabinets and a 30 gallon waste bin.
  • Small Department Shredders

    Securing the personal information of your employees and clients is simple with Dahle's line of Small Department Shredders. With its powerful motor and large storage capacity, choose this shredder for your large office.
  • Department Shredders

    Destroy large amounts of private documents quickly with Dahle's line of Department Shredders. With a large waste basket, it leaves more room for shredding and less need for bag changes.
  • High Capacity Shredders

    Rest easy that yours and your client's personal information is being protected from unwanted eyes by Dahle's line of High Capacity Shredders. Destroy large amounts of documents in a short amount of time with this powerful machine.
  • High Security Shredders

    When dealing with government, credit, and other personal information, choose from Dahle's line of High Security Shredders for the best protection a document shredder can provide.