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Xyron Pro Machines and Supplies

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Xyron cold laminators are a great alternative to heat laminators. Xyron Cold Laminators use no electricity and come in a variety of sizes. The Xyron 2500 is 25 inch wide and is the preferred machine for most schools and office that require the length. The Xyron 1255 machine is 12 inches wide and is a great desktop model for any office. The Xyron 4400 is a 42 inch wide cold roll laminator. There is no electric motor to worry about so there is no extended warranties necessary.

The Xyron machines are also the perfect solution for your mounting projects. The Xyron 1255, Xyron 2500 and Xyron 4400 all offer a high quality acid free adhesive that makes mounting easy. With Xyron adhesive, you can mount with no mess and no toxic smells. These Xyron machines offer three solutions for your school or business. With Xyron, you can instantly apply your choice of adhesives, lamination or a combination of both with only one pass through the Xyron machine.

As always we offer a low price guarantee on all of your Xyron Pro machines and supplies.